"Strong and cunning scoundrel"


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In a Šentjernej local dialect, GAUNAR means »strong and cunning scoundrel«. The ram represents our golden semi-sweet Gewurztramimner GAUNAR. This amazing animal is associated with stamina, tenacity, stubbornness, determination, and focus; it is seen as a powerful symbol of strength.

Gewurztraminer is transparent to its terroir and reflects the nature of its soil which are marl and sandstone. In the early morning we start hand picking of the grapes in the vineyard. We want to get the grapes when they are cold; it helps to concentrate the aromas and flavors. Cold fruit means better control over the fermentation process. You’re looking for crispness and aroma – especially important for white wines.  After transport to the cellar, we start destemming as soon as possible to prevent heating and activity of undesirable micro-organisms. Follows pressing and then fermentation under controlled conditions in stainless tanks.  Filtering takes place before bottling.

Sipping a glass of Gewürztraminer wine is a unique experience; it often has a aromatic complexity that seems to lift the liquid right out of the glass. The wine has a golden yellow color. Very aromatic, and semi-sweet, with notes of rose, peach, and lychee. It is pleasant with a very long aftertaste, making each sip deeply enjoyable.

The full variety of flavors is best when served at 10-12 °C.

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