Bottles, Tik Tal (white cuvee), Frajla (blaufränkisch), Gaunar (gewürztraminer), Rooster Run (cvicek PTP) and Mangup (cvicek PTP)


Let it wine!

Every wine is just a reflection of soil, microclimate, grape variety and dedicated work. Only by visiting place of its origin, you get to truly know its soul and create an everlasting and unbreakable bond with it. Wine tasting at Arret Wines winery is an experience you should put on your bucket list. You will take a guided tasting of five our wines along with homemade finger food (cheese, bread, and meat products).

After the tasting, you can take a guided tour of our stunning vineyards near the winery and know about our various grape types and harvesting methods.

Mingle with other wine tasters, create special memories and have a fantastic time. Remember, the best stories are always told and unforgettable memories are made over a glass of wine! Book your visit!

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